benefit products placed against a pink background and ontop of mirrors

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Benefit is our Brand of the Month!

We love this make up favourite for its tongue-in-cheek spirit that has brought smiles to faces from San Fran to Slough since the '70s...

2020-08-01 09:55:41 By Niall Taylor

Beauty News

Everything You Need To Know About Black Friday

The shopping extravaganza of the year is coming soon — here's how to prepare! Spoiler alert: expect unmissable offers across beauty's best brands.

2022-09-09 08:57:29By Bethan Robinson

Herlum's Comfortable silence candle thats been lit


Get Cosy With A New Winter Evening Ritual

We've got everything you need this winter to get warm and cosy with our selection of bath, body and fragrance favourites

2022-10-30 09:00:36By Rina Teslica

Beauty Trends

Waterless beauty: why the beauty world has turned the tap off

A growing trend within the beauty-sphere, 'waterless' products, and brands dedicated to slashing their H2O usage are trickling onto the industry's radar.

2018-04-13 19:00:26 By Cult Beauty

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